Create Lasting Memories with Picnic Baskets

Jun 29

A beautiful picnic basket

A beautiful picnic basket

Picnic baskets are one of the more quintessential marks of a relaxing summer day. Taking a special someone on a romantic date, or bringing the family to a park and enjoying lunch, a picnic basket can help create such create memories. The practice of filling a basket of food and eating outdoors and sharing quality time with people you care about dates back to the Medieval times in England. Throughout Europe, picnics became fashionable affairs, and some cases larger events with multiple families bringing picnic baskets brimming with culinary delights to share. By the mid 19th century, Americans had developed a fondness for picnicking.

Americans from the North-East states planned picnics that included clam cakes, clam chowder, meats, cheeses bread, wine, beer and soda. Southerners tended to focus on BBQ pork, baked goods, sweet tea, and cold beer. Mid-westerners traditionally packed hamburgers, chili and cold beers. Along the Western states, there was a tendency toward seafood including smoked salmon, lobster or even sushi, and of course, lots of  wine. No matter where you are from, the picnic would almost always include bread, cheese and fruits, and home baked cookies for the kids too.

Picnic basket hamper enhanced memento gift shop palm springs

A Gourmet picnic basket makes the perfect gift for someone special

Today life seems so busy. Everyone is rushing around running here and there, with little time to relax. Here at Memento Gift Shop we think it is important to take time to slow down, relax and enjoy life. Live in the moment by sharing life with loved ones, and enjoy the great outdoors. Picnic baskets provide the opportunity to escape for a few hours. They are compact, convenient and easy to carry.

Think of the wonderful memories they can create–a first date, a marriage proposal, a wedding anniversary, or a family reunion. They are perfect for retirement gifts too. Children love picnicking, the mystery and anticipation of what Mom or Dad packed in the basket to unveil for snacking in the park or beach.

Stumped on what to buy a gift for someone who has everything? Well, a picnic basket from Memento Gift Shop is the perfect solution. Think about the impression you will make on the recipient. A beautiful wicker picnic basket says “Enjoy Life!” “Relax” ‘Have Fun” and encourages the user to plan an afternoon or enjoyment. These baskets are available in various sizes and styles, and include plates, flatware and napkins, among other accessories.

Consider a picnic basket for your next gift. You’re not just giving a gift, you are creating wonderful memories with a quality picnic basket. A gift that will truly keep on giving for many years. Call us at 760-325-1963 to order yours today!

The posh picnic basket for 4 people

The posh picnic basket for 4 people

Picnic basket hamper posh memento gift shop palm springs



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