If Butterflies Are Your Thing…

Mar 04

Butterfly cocktail napkins candle holders votives Memento_Gift_Shop Palm_Springs_Shop_Memento.jpgWe all have our “thing”. And by “thing” I mean those things we like to collect or just enjoy. We’ve all met the little old lady who has dozens of tea cups with kittens on them. For some people its cows. Or roosters. Or elephants. If your ‘thing’ is butterflies, then you might just like these votive candle holders and cocktail napkins. The candle holders are tall glass cylinders, in deep purple and olive green, with bronze-colored metal butterflies perched atop the rim. We even have small glass votive holders in to add various heights. To top it all off, coordinate it with these vibrant butterfly themed cocktail napkins. They are a perfect fit to your living room coffee table, end cable or kitchen.  So if butterflies are your thing, then stop into Memento Gift Shop. We have these plus more butterfly themed goods ready to find a good home.  Paperweights, stationary, coin purses, and wall decor shadow boxes. We love butterflies and what they represent. Spread your wings and fly on into shop Memento soon…before they all fly off the shelves.

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