James Bond 007 Palm Springs ‘Elrod House’

Nov 08

Palm Springs has more connections to Hollywood that most cities.  Perhaps one of the more popular is the house were part of the 1971 James Bond film ‘Diamonds are Forever’ was filmed. The iconic mid-century modern-style structure was designed by architect John Lautner in 1968 Arthur Elrod, a popular interior designer of the era. The ‘Elrod House’ offers stunning views of Mount Jacinto and the desert floor of the Coachella/Palm Springs Valley, through huge plate glass walls and sliding doors that are cut to fit the contours of the massive rock the house upon which the house is built.

Now in 2012, the 007 James Bond film series turns 50 this year. The newest Bond flick Skyfall (# 23 for those counting) stars the handsome Daniel Craig as James Bond, and interest in the film series has never been higher. Even here in Palm Springs, our connection to the 007 series has once again been in the spotlight thanks to this amazing Elrod House. The home is not showing any signs of its 40 year age; with five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a truly stunning ‘great room’ the nearly 9,000 square-foot home still has the reputation as the “ultimate bachelor pad”. The last time I checked, it was still privately owned but casual observers can find it on celebrity home tours here in Palm Springs. It has also been featured in several architectural books as well.

Whenever I drive past the world famous ‘Elrod House’, I smile to myself and appreciate yet another wonderful reason of why Palm Springs is such a fascinating place to live and visit.





An interior scene from ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ Hench women ‘Bambi’ and ‘Thumper’ greet Bond as he enters the house, in search of the elusive Willard Whyte.

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