Pleasurable Picnicking

Jul 06

It seems that life today is so complex. So many distractions, commitments, obligations and such. Technology connects us to what seems like the entire world everywhere we go. Constant stimulus through a smart phone, iPad or some such device.  At times I do miss the days of the past, when families could unplug for the day, pack a cooler and basket and go picnicking at a park, field, or beach.

Springtime was always a joy. Fields of wildflowers in bloom, fresh grass, and pleasant weather served as the idea setting for a picnic. I’m the first to embrace the modern conveniences of today’s age. Aside from technology, there are a multitude of goods that made life easier. Packing for a picnic for example is far easier than say even 25 years ago. A simple picnic basket can be packed with fresh veggies, cheese, fruit, a loaf of crusty French bread, wine and bottled water. If you are in the Palm Springs area, the L’Atelier Deli has the most wonderful French food, from sandwiches, salads, quiches, etc. So even if you don’t want to prepare food yourself, L’Atelier can make it even easier for you.

Add refreshing slices of melon with thinly sliced prosciutto ham is a fantastic and refreshing addition to any picnic. Prepare a variety of sandwiches: cucumber, brie cheese, egg salad are all ideal. Depending on the season, fresh cherries are a nice treat too. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate…even homemade fudge is a nice touch.

Pleasurable picnicking may be a lost art to some, but it is easy to revive. It starts with a picnic basket, and a desire to get away and enjoy life. Don’t let life pass you by, we only life this life once. Visit us at Memento Gift Shop to choose your very own picnic basket. Call us at 760-325-1963

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