Happy Easter from Memento Gift Shop

Mar 31

Papyrus easter-cards memento gift shoppalm springsHappy Easter from all of us at Memento Gift Shop. In observance of Easter, the store will be closed today, but we’ll re-open tomorrow, Monday April 1st.

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Chicks at Memento Gift Shop

Mar 18

Pair of cute chicks at Memento Gift Shop

Pair of cute chicks at Memento Gift Shop

During the past 10 days or so, we’ve had some great sunny weather here in Palm Springs. Judging from conversations with our customers, the weather seems to be drawing in folks who live within a two hour drive from the desert who want to escape the cloudy, foggy weather they seem to have closer to the coast of Southern California. Some people drive in for the day for a change of scenery, while others said they came for a weekend getaway. When you add them to the snowbird population and normal tourism here, it has generated lots of customers visiting our store this month. We’re seeing lots of people shopping for Easter goodies; mom and grandmothers shopping for items to build their own Easter baskets. Some are shipping things across country, so they really need to plan ahead. Our Easter assortment is selling fast…and we have noticed that our fuzzy yellow chicks are attracting a great deal of attention too.

Just the other day I overheard a customer outside of our store telling a friend about what they saw while in our shop. The exact quote I overheard was: “Hey Billy, go check out those chicks in the Memento store over hear, they are really cute.” Of course, the reference was to our adorable fuzzy yellow chicks, but hearing just that statement made me chuckle to myself…thus the inspiration for today’s blog post was born.

If you are in Palm Springs soon, stop by and check out the cute chicks we have in our store, hurry before they get picked up.

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Easter is Amost Here

Mar 15

These Easter theme mini tote bags are super cute!

These Easter theme mini tote bags are super cute!

This year, Easter is celebrated on Sunday March 31st.  We have a fun variety of Easter goodies to help make the holiday memorable and fun.  For families who celebrate Easter, traditions from childhood often remain popular through adulthood. Who doesn’t still hope for an Easter basket filled with chocolate eggs and jelly beans? Memories is plush bunny rabbit, cute chicks, and coloring Easter Eggs bring a smile to every kid’s face.

That’s why we’re offering a fun selection of Easter motif merchandise right now in store to help recreate some of those memories. From home decor items to gifts items for your family members or neighbors. We have these mini tote bags available pre-filled, and empty. Those yellow fuzzy chicks are super cute, and priced right, too.

The quality of these items is fantastic–they will easily holdup to be used again and again. I especially love these felt pails, embroidered with cute Easter bunny designs in multiple color patterns.

Straw bunny rabbits with a wooden push cart and felt pails make great gifts or decorations for the home.

Straw bunny rabbits with a wooden push cart and felt pails make great gifts or decorations for the home.


Whether you want to decorate your own home, give a gift to a neighbor, or mail something non-perishable to a family member far away, these are some of the cutest items you could ever want to include!

If you have an elderly friend or family member in a nursing home or assisted living, these are practical gifts to to brighten someone’s day. These past few days we’ve had lots of people stopping in looking for Easter themed gifts. Our Papyrus Easter greeting cards are really nice this season. So much so that a few nuns even came into shop Memento for their Easter cards.

If you are planning your shopping trip for Easter, keep in mind that See’s Candy shop is right next door to us, so you can do some destination shopping for chocolate eggs, baskets and come to us for cards, plush, totes, and decorative items.

We carry all the components for "do it yourself" Easter to build your own creation.

We carry all the components for “do it yourself” Easter to build your own creation.

For those of you who want to “build your own” Easter basket or gift, we have a tower display of special Easter basket decorative grass, empty baskets in natural wicker, and painted pastel colors. Choose form furry chicks, wooden decorative bunnies, fabric mini eggs, and much more.

Stop by Memento Gift Shop for all your Easter needs. If you have your heart set on something in particular, call us to be sure we’re still in stock.

If you are spending the Easter holiday in Palm Springs, there are some great things to do for Easter Sunday. The sunrise Service at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tram is quite excellent. Then go to brunch at Melvyn‘s restaurant at the Ingleside Inn. After that? Well, we recommend champagne poolside somewhere, and enjoy the beautiful weather we are sure to have for you here in Palm Springs.

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