Objects of Your Affection

Jan 29

Memento Gift Shop carries all sorts of home decor items like these plates.

Memento Gift Shop carries all sorts of home decor items like these plates, a perfect addition to your home.

Do you have a space in your home that needs “something” to complete the look? Perhaps a book shelf, side table, or coffee table that feels unfinished? At Memento Gift Shop, we seek out unique items to help provide solutions to your home decor needs.

These square decorative plates are a great example of an easy way to add a little “something” to that vacant spot that has been nagging you to be filled. The beautiful, rich tones of bronze, gold and brown accented with cut glass captures light and adds dimension to¬† any room. Home decor plates can be displayed flat on a table top surface, or on an easel plate stand. Imagine these plates standing up as they are, with a thick pillar candle in front of them. The light from the flame dancing and reflecting on the glass would provide a sophisticated, elegant shimmer.

There are some home decor items that become objects of our affection. When you shop Memento you will soon discover that we carry a nice variety of decor items in lots of styles, themes and color palettes. Don’t leave that empty spot at home empty for too long. Let us help you find just the right item to become an object of your affection in your home. You’ll like our selection and love our prices.

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