A Spot of Tea, Anyone?

Jan 30

There are a wide range of tea–drinking traditions and rituals that span well over 2,000 years, from every civilization. The art of tea varies by culture, but without a doubt, there are some cultures who take their tea very seriously. Our cousins across the pond in the UK have some serious tea traditions, for which they are quite well known. Afternoon tea is deeply embedded among Great British traditions. Here in the United States, tea drinking has continued to surge in popularity, across generations and ethnic cultures.

Tea for One set, available at Memento Gift Shop

Tea for One set, available at Memento Gift Shop

Young people today have a greater understanding of the antioxidants found in tea that can help prevent things like cancer and cardiovascular disease. Tea drinking has a sort of retro-fashionable status. Popular import programs from the UK such as Downton Abbey have brought a renewed interest in the more formal traditions of afternoon tea. Regardless of how or why you consume tea, one thing is clear; tea is generally meant to be consumed slowly and enjoyed sip by sip. Rarely does one find a tea-gulping tea addict, as can be the case with some coffee fans.

Tea is truly an ancient beverage, but enjoys a modern place in society. That’s why we sourced these wonderful “tea for one”  sets. These pure-white ceramic pot and mug sets are adorned with a beautiful tiny bird, which make them quite unique. These make a perfect gift for someone you know who enjoys tea while curled up with  good book…or should I say, curled up with their iPad or Kindle.

Need a nice little gift for someone that’s not too personal, not too ornate and useful at the same time? Stop by and check out these lovely tea sets. Shop Memento Gifts and see what we have in store.

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